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Let's join hands with small fans to create a harmonious office environment

Posted by : admin / On : 2020-09-19 15:25:59 / In : visits: 3823

        There are many princesses in the office who are delicate and sexy in clothes (mm don't beat me, this is a complete commendation), and they need a relatively warm environment. Naturally, there are many powerful "knights" in this office castle. They are vigorous and wear heavy armour (because of the work requirements, many friends have to wear suit and leather shoes). Naturally, they want the company to be as cool as possible, so the contradiction arises. What should I do? Is it the endless debate, or silent patience accumulated in the heart of discontent, and finally to a volcano eruption? Of course, no one wants to see such a miserable situation, and high-quality modern people will not do such indecent things.

        What can we do? Is it necessary to endure the suffering of ice and fire? The answer, of course, is No. otherwise, the solution to the problem is very simple. Just buy a USB Fan.

        Although small USB fans can't compete with household fans, they have unique advantages. First of all, USB fans are compact and easy to install. Secondly, they do not need independent power supply and only need USB interface to provide power, so they are safe. Finally, the air volume they produce and the "cold air" given by the air conditioner can also reduce the fire for the Knights. These fans are small and cute, and the price is also very low. In addition to heatstroke prevention and cooling, there is no need to mention other knights. Let's join hands with small fans to create a harmonious office environment.

        General USB fans are plastic structure, some are metal shell, blade or plastic. This causes the wind to blow awesome and feels less enjoyable. The all metal USB Fan solves the problem of air volume. In addition to the metal shell, the blade is also made of aluminum. According to the comments of used buyers, the wind blown out is indeed larger than that of the ordinary type.

        The general table fan or ceiling fan has the function of speed regulation. The mainstream of USB charging fan wholesale market is only on / off. The adjustable speed USB Fan has five speed options, which can be adjusted by knob. However, from the perspective of usage, people who have used it say that even if it is adjusted to the maximum wind speed, it is still a little small, but the plastic sheet is relatively safe, and it is convenient to carry a small head.

        Saving USB port lamp fan

        The USB port of notebook computer is very expensive. It is not only troublesome to pull in and out, but also a loss to the interface. The design of fan and lamp is cheaper than one fan and one lamp. It takes less USB port and has independent switch to control it without mutual influence. If you stay up late, setting up a light source outside the screen is also good for your eyes.

        In the end, I remind you that the USB fans purchased in the small fan wholesale market are of mixed workmanship. Once the USB Fan is found to rotate slowly after being connected, do not use it again, otherwise it will be more than worthwhile to burn out the motherboard.