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When choosing and purchasing electric fans, we should not covet "low price"

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        When choosing and purchasing electric fans, we should not covet "low price"

Facing all kinds of electric fans with various brands and prices in the market, the quality supervision personnel remind the general public that when purchasing electric fans, in addition to the open box inspection, the products must be accompanied with certificates and instructions, with the manufacturer's name, product model and specification, but also from the following two aspects:

        1、 Inspection of appearance quality

It is generally five to see: whether the outer package and inner package are damaged; whether the parts are bright, whether there is paint peeling and hanging; whether the decorative parts are damaged; whether the parts are rusty; whether the solder joints of the mesh cover wire are loose and fall off.

        2、 Inspection of internal quality

        First, check whether the electric fan shakes its head, speed regulation and timing switches are consistent with the mark. If it is a keyboard key switch, when a key is pressed, there should be no two keys connected. When each key is pressed, the reset should be flexible and free. If there is a head shaking device, the swing angle of the fan head should be considered. The larger the shaking angle is, the better the fan effect will be. The locking mechanism is reliable, and the elevation angle is adjusted. When the elevation angle is maximum, the pushing fan body should not overturn backward. Rotate the fan blade slowly by hand and observe the running track of the three blades from the side. If there is no obvious deviation, the noise of the fan at high speed will be less.

        After pressing the power supply, press the low speed key, the faster the fan starts, the better. If the start-up is slow, or start-up stop, that is the electrical performance is not good. If it can't be started, or it needs external force to start, it means that the electrical performance of the fan is too poor. If the low-speed start-up is normal, it is necessary to press the test gear by gear. It is better to have obvious difference in the speed of slow, medium and fast gears.